Monday, December 21, 2009

A Boat's Life

What is the purpose of a boat's life?

Sadly,It is only a tool to achieve something.
Fishermen use it for profit purposes,
Common people use it for entertainment and transportation purposes.

It is always being USED.

Once the objective is achieved,
it is abandoned,
as in the picture.

How sad,
How pathetic,
How selfless,
How selfish...

It is always being USED.

Does anyone know what is the purpose of a boat's life??

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Learning is part of the life process,
or i should say one of the most important element in life.
Learning is just like breathing, it happens unknowingly.
We had our first lesson the day we were born.
Since then we start learning till the day we stop breathing.

Learning is fun and knowledge is sweet.
One can be self-taught or learn through a teacher.
Learning ,of course, is to gain knowledge as knowledge is the fuel for life.
Learning will be extremely enjoyable and enlightening when you are learning something that you like or knowing the reason of learning.

Indisputably, we enjoy obtaining knowledge that we are interested in
because they are something that we wish to know.
When one has the passion, one will determine to learn regardless of whatever difficulties and obstacles.
Also, when we know the reason for our learning, only then we'll know where can we apply it and thus, develop our interest.
A simple example, most of the primary school students know nothing about why they have to learn. They just learn because they are told to learn.
Do you see any happiness in their learning?

However, there are exceptions.
Sometimes, we might not know why we are learning but the learning process itself
will make us stop asking why but eager to learn more.

This happens when you understand what you are learning.

I always thought i was forced to take Accounting.
Well indeed, i had no choice but to take it.
I said to myself, why not give it a try.
Weeks has passed,
and i find myself like chewing dry leaves when i'm doing Accounting....boring and dont know why i'm doing.
The turning point came only after i met her!

Ms. Wong makes Accounting so easy to be understood and interesting.
But the most important thing is,
she makes me eager to attend her lesson and learn more about Accounting.
Her every sentence lights up a bulb over my head and also leaves me pondering.

This makes me smile, smile because i have tasted the sweetness of knowledge!
She makes me understand Accounting and thus leads me to become keen on this subject.
How influential and powerful a teacher can be!!! ah.....


That is why learning is fun because at times you can experience the feelings
of sucking a candy......sweet.

Jews have a very special practice.
It is said that Jews put honey on books and let their children to lick it.
Why? This is actually to let their children know that knowledge is sweet.

So, if you have a sweet tooth , get yourself some knowledge by learning!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Walt Disney^^

Happy ever after... Fairy Tales... Fairy Godmother...
Princesses... Prince Charming... Magical beings...
Enchanted Creatures... Melodious tune..........

Throughout my life, I would say only Walt Disney
is able to present me with all these magical elements.
I grow up with Walt Disney animated films.
Those animations are always my source of enjoyment and happiness.

Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty,Pocohontas, Mulan, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Jungle Book , Lady and the Tramp, Pinochio, Dumbo, The Sword in The Stone, The Aristocats ,Lion King, Hercules...............................................

I just can't finish listing them.
They are my all-time favourites.
Typing their names brings back my childhood memory.

Walt Disney has always tried to bring HAPPINESS to children.
All the animations that Disney has produced are filled with enchanting elements, merry making scenes and easy-memorized tunes as well as ever-lasting love. All these ideals are so innocent, pure and unadultered.

Watching Disney's animation instills hope and cheerfulness in the viewers, particularly kids.
For kids, Disney animation are something that are close to their heart.
This is because of movie plot that are romantic, exciting, and hilarious.
Not to mention its distinct and unique characters.
Besides, another reason is every animations has a happy-ever-after ending.

Another element that i like most in all Disney animations is their soundtracks.

Hakuna Matata... Beauty and the Beast.... When You Wish Upon A Star.... The Colours of The Wind.... Can You Fell the Love Tonight... Once Upon a Dream... Bella Notte........

I could never forget all these tunes. Humming them at times makes you feel like you are a kid again.

Disney has always tried to fulfill children's dreams.
In Disney animations, it shows no impossibility.
It portrays good always triumphs over evil.
It illustrates love is pure and every-lasting.
Most importantly, it depicts life is full of wonders and miracles.

Disney animations always end with smiles or tears of joy.

This has always been a symbol of joy.

At times, sit back and listen to those tunes,
They will instill energy within you by shedding hope upon you.
Why? It is because they are so pure and innocent.
They pull you back from the world of anxiety and
remove your worries.

But most importantly, Disney makes your dreams come true.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ice Cream

Figurative speech is so fun and mind intriguing.
So ,this is mine:

Life is like an ice cream.

We must enjoy this desert when it is in its good form.
Just like we should enjoy every moment in our lives
when we still have the chance.
Do not wait till the ice cream melts ,by the time we look back,
there are only regrets.

Thats why we should always live in the present .

Lets have ice cream everyday and embrace the sweetness of life!!!!!.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Don't you all think circles are lovely?

A circle is round in shape.
The Earth, the sun, the moon is round in shape.
Oranges are round in shape.
Pills are round in shape.
A ring is round in shape.

So could i deduce that circle symbolizes
life( the Earth, the sun and the moon),and in life, we have:
sweetness in life( orange),
pain in life (pill), and
unity in life(ring).

So circle is actually a Circle of Life!
The power of circles should not be underestimated,
for it bears great magic.Magic that lies for us to discover.

You 'll never know how circles change your life.
It is always a question until you try it.

Well, i believe circles unite us. We are One when we form circle.
We stand together and that makes nothing is impossible in this world.

Lets embrace the Circle of life!
And i welcome all who are interested in joining my Circle^^

The Circle of Life